Acrylic Labcoats/Coveralls Dispenser


Price per Piece

  • Material: Acrylic
  • Size: W10.5″x H13″x D6.5″
  • For Use With:  Lab Coats, CoverAlls
  • For medical and food processing facilities
  • Mount to wall or place on counter
  • Made in Canada
Item Code Description Sizes Packaging
DPLC01 Acrylic Labcoats/Coveralls Dispenser W10.5″x H13″x D6.5″ piece

Keep your lab coats and coveralls organized and easily accessible with our Acrylic Labcoats/Coveralls Dispenser. This dispenser is designed to securely hold and dispense lab coats and coveralls, ensuring they are readily available when needed. Made from high-quality acrylic material, it offers durability and a clear, sleek appearance that complements any setting. With its compact and wall-mountable design, it saves valuable space. Ideal for healthcare facilities, laboratories, and cleanroom environments, our Acrylic Labcoats/Coveralls Dispenser provides a convenient solution for promoting hygiene and organization. Upgrade your facility today. Order our dispenser for easy and efficient lab coat and coverall storage and dispensing!