Acrylic Haircover Dispenser


Price per Piece

  • Material: Acrylic
  • Size: W13″x H13″x D6″
  • For Use With:¬†Bouffant/Beard/Hairnet
  • For medical and food processing facilities
  • Mount to wall or place on counter
  • Made in Canada
Item Code Description Sizes Packaging
DPH01 Acrylic Haircover Dispenser W13″x H13″x D6″ piece

Keep your hair covers organized and easily accessible with our Acrylic Haircover Dispenser. This dispenser is designed to securely hold and dispense hair covers, ensuring they are readily available when needed. Made from high-quality acrylic material, it offers durability and a clear, sleek appearance that complements any setting. With its compact and countertop design, it saves valuable space. Ideal for salons, spas, and healthcare facilities, our Acrylic Haircover Dispenser provides a convenient solution for promoting hygiene and professionalism. Upgrade your organization today. Order our dispenser for easy and efficient hair cover storage and dispensing!