Protect us so we can protect you.

An urgent plea for Personal Protective Equipment



Toronto West end hospitals are at risk of running out of protective equipment, and our fight against COVID-19 has only just begun. We know from the devastating situations abroad that this is going to get worse before it gets better. 


This is an urgent plea for community-donated Personal Protective Equipment (PPE).


To all the Dentists, Vets, and Estheticians. Construction Workers, Orthodontists, and Private Clinics (Cosmetic, Gastroenterology, etc.). And anyone else who was able to stock up on these crucial supplies. 


We desperately need what you have.



Disposable Gowns

AAMI, L2 rating or greater

Ear-Loop Masks

ASTMF2100-11, L2 rating or greater

Vented Goggles

CSA Z94.3-2015, ANSI287.1-2015

Protective Gloves

AAMI, Vinyl or Nitrile

N-95 Masks


Please donate whatever you have and medical professionals will determine if it's usable.

Doctor. Husband. Dad.

Protect our loved ones.

We are a grassroots group of physicians and their families supporting healthcare workers, and we created this website to fill a gap.


There is nothing like a global health crisis to remind us of the importance of community. Nothing like an extremely contagious virus to show us exactly how connected we all are.


We are on the frontlines of a crisis many of you have only read about. While this pandemic may feel surreal to you, it’s all too real for us. We want to live through this. Not only for ourselves and our (extremely-worried) families, but for you and yours.


Without healthy doctors and nurses to treat sick patients, the crisis compounds. 

Protect us so we can protect you. Please.



You will be able to drop off materials without any direct contact—It is safe to donate! Physical distancing guidelines will be adhered to during drop-off. Please stay two metres (six feet) away from other people. If you are experiencing symptoms of COVID-19, please do not come to drop off donations.

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Drop off from 7AM – 3PM

Receiving department at St. Joseph's Health Centre, off of Sunnyside

Use buzzer or call ext. 6120



Another way to support us:
make a donation.

Give generously to your local hospital directly, and earmark the money to go towards the fight against COVID-19.


Spread the word.

We have made a set of shareable social media graphics (facebook, instagram). Please consider posting to your network, linking back to this site ( so folks know how to donate.