About Us

PPE Toronto is a Toronto based supplier of PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) supplies boasting a wide range of experience in the industry. We are trusted by numerous companies and professionals to deliver quality products direct to the workplace on time. We care about sourcing the highest quality PPE to protect your teams and business. Our commitment to customers is a proven success and we strive meet clients demands.

As specialist suppliers of PPE, our range includes various masks, from disposable 3 ply masks to full cover face visors, Vinyl and Nitrile Gloves, safety eyewear, hand sanitizers and various other PPE equipment.

With PPE at the core of our product range, we stock vast quantities of equipment to cope with the increasing demand. Our staff are experts at product sourcing, finding the ideal product for your requirements at the most competitive prices.

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Clean Shield is our personal brand that is designed for food facilities. Clean Shield has a variety of options from disposable gloves to apparel. Our team ensures that the products are the highest quality and that our customers are wearing “Clean & Safe” products at their food facilities. Clean Shield’s goal is to not only protect our customers, but also emphasize the importance food safety.