SoftCover® Balaclava Hood


LATEX-FREE, Lightweight and breathable.

APPLICATIONS: Food Service, Laboratories, Manufacturing, Beauty Salon, Clinics, Kitchen.

Item Code Description Sizes Packaging
PPBLC10B SoftCover® Balaclava Hood Blue White Regular bag(50pc)

Stay protected and comfortable with our SoftCover® Balaclava Hood. This versatile hood is designed to provide full coverage and protection for your head, face, and neck. Made from high-quality materials, our SoftCover® Balaclava Hood offers a snug and comfortable fit, ensuring optimal warmth and insulation. Perfect for outdoor activities, winter sports, and cold weather conditions, our Balaclava Hood is a must-have accessory for anyone seeking reliable protection and comfort. Upgrade your winter gear today. Order our SoftCover® Balaclava Hood and stay warm in style!