Fisherman String Knit Gloves


  • 10 guage
  • Knit Wrist
  • 70% New Cotton


  • Food Processing
  • Mechanical
  • Agriculture
Item Code Description Sizes Packaging
PCKG01 Fisherman String Knit Gloves Small Medium Large X-large dozen(12pairs)

Discover the perfect balance of comfort and protection with Fisherman String Knit Gloves. These gloves feature a durable string knit construction that offers a snug and comfortable fit for prolonged use. Whether you’re working in construction, gardening, or fishing, these gloves provide excellent hand dexterity and protection against abrasions. With their versatile design and reliable performance, Fisherman String Knit Gloves are a must-have for any outdoor enthusiast or professional. Order now and experience the ultimate combination of comfort and functionality!